Client Management


This function allows the site administrator to setup reports or notifications based on the date columns in the sites database. Generally, reminders are used to for memberships that are about to be expire, date joined, birthday alerts etc.

To create a new reminder, follow the steps below:

  1. If you have any existing reminders, click the New button.
  2. Name the reminder you want to set up e.g. Client Birthdays.
  3. Choose the type of reminder: Report for the administrator, or Notifications for clients, or both.
  4. Anniversary date will send the notification or generate a report based off the date irrespective of the year. You would use this for something like birthdays which occur annually. Otherwise, you would not be able to send birthday emails as the date would never occur.

  5. Increment Date By, will change the date against the profile list by adding x number of days to it. You would do this if you wanted to send an email or generate a report on a regular basis, such as every three months. This is not recommended for Expiry Dates. In theory if you have anniversary date ticked you should be able to set the incremental values.

  6. Choose what you want to remind/be reminded of by choosing from the drop down list i.e. Date of Birth.
  7. Choose the increment date e.g. Increment Date By: 1 Year.
  8. Report Settings: Fill in the name and email of the person who should receive the report.
  9. Notifications Settings: Fill in your name, email address, and the email subject. Choose the folder Location and the document you want to send.
  10. You can also set a reminder based on a saved query selected from the document drop down list. If the query is ever deleted the reminder will stop until a new query is created (and set to 'None') or a new reminder is set.
  11. It is possible to send alerts via SMS, but the service will have to be set up in order to do so.
  12. Click Apply.
To Delete a reminder simply choose the reminder you wish to delete, click Delete, then click Apply.
MoST Content Management V3.0.8634